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Lovely lilies

Stargazers work in progress October 2016

I'm not a fast painter. Sometimes it can take me weeks to decide how to continue with a work! This one was started several weeks ago, before I was distracted by website building and other boring, but necessary, work. Now I'm at the stage of adding shadows, and thinking about the background.

It's hard to make decisions about important compositional elements.... do I want foliage at the bottom, do I really need another lily, if I add a third lily, how much detail should it have? A confession: I hate green! There's a good chance I'll avoid the foliage just to save myself from using any more. But green helps to provide a neutral setting for bright flowers. It's a dilemma. For now I'll stick to painting shadows, then spots, it'll all become clearer to me in the next few days.... hopefully!

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